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Food Catering

Our team of fully qualified gourmet chefs boasts outstanding experience in preparing tantalizing cuisine, having worked in some of the most reputable hotels and restaurants. They prepare trendy mouth-watering menus food by utilising the healthiest quality seasonal quality ingredients coupled with appetising presentation that will tickle the taste buds.

Xsite offer a wide range of catering services including, but not limited to:

  • Out-sourced Catering
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Functions

We also cater for cocktail parties, weddings and movie shoots with our light snacks, finger lunches and wedding cakes.

Contact us to find more about our range of menus.

Events Planning, Organizing and Management

We specialize in corporate events and private functions. We require a brief synopsis of your idea or wish from which we fledge out a concept and plan for your event or function. We then organize and manage all aspects relating to the event/function while you focus on your business.

Xsite will among others, source and scope your venue, organize décor, photography, audio visual equipment, entertainment, conduct guest management, staff and other aspects that will complete your event or function.

Xsite Food Staff

  • Xoliswa Tyeya

    Xoliswa Tyeya is the founder and sole owner of Xsite Foods Catering and Events Management cc. Inspired and influenced by her grandmother’s traditional cooking since childhood, Xoliswa has turned her passion for food and organising into a professional career. She has extended the business offering from catering to include full events management, offering more versatile services to both existing and new clients.

    After completing her studies with The Hurst Campus (previously known as The Culinary Academy), Xoliswa garnered further work experience from reputable hotels such as the Vineyard and Metropole Hotels. She perfected her acquired catering skills and had a stint as a freelancer with various wine estates around Cape Town. Xoliswa's innovative cooking ideas are derived from combining her rustic traditional cooking methods with modern day food preparation, occasionally using organic ingredients that leave a festive memory of taste.

  • Mary Wambui

    • Xsite Foods Catering

    Our Kenyan-born chef, Mary Wambuyi has an enormous flair for original food, naturally influenced by traditional cooking from Kenya, where every meal’s ingredients were organic and freshly cooked.

    Mary obtained her training from The Hurst Campus at the same time as Xoliswa. She obtained her professional experience from The Commodores Hotel, Melancchino and other restaurants.

    As Xsite grew as a business, Xoliswa recalled Mary’s remarkable cooking skills observed during their studies at The Hurst Campus and invited Mary to join the team and add her flavour to Xsite Food Catering and Events Management.