Xsite Foods Catering

Xsite Foods


Below are various Xsite Foods Catering certificates for you to download. Click on the links to view the documents.

  • Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises

    It is hereby certified that Xsite Foods Catering premises comply with the provisions of regulations made by Govenment notice no. R918 of 30th July 1999 in respect of handling of food in the manner specified, in terms of section 35, read with section 40, of the Health Act, 1977 (Act no. 63 of 1997).

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  • Halaal Certificate

    Xsite Foods Catering is hereby authorised to handle, market and process the following products: preparation and processing of food.

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  • BEE Certificate

    BEE Verification Agency CC (BVA014) has assessed the BEE credentials of Xsite Foods Catering and certifies hereby that the BEE status is a true and impartial reflection of the BEE status of the enterprise.

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